What are the requirements for producing cnc hardware parts?

        The so-called hardware die casting is actually a precision casting method that uses high pressure to force the molten metal into a messy metal mold. With the continuous advancement and development of society, now this kind of craft can be said to be well used in many areas. So if we want to use this technology better, we need to understand it better.

  In the die-casting profession, what are the conditions required to produce cnc hardware parts to improve the yield of die-casting parts, ensure product quality, advance production efficiency and reduce the cost of die-casting parts?

1. Essence of die-casting: The essence of die-casting is to make the liquid alloy fill the die-casting cavity in a very short time at a very high speed through the movement of the injection punch under the effect of high pressure, and combine under pressure Jingning Meizhou Gravity Casting Machinery Parts Processing Factory obtained the castings.

   2. Zinc alloy die-casting characteristics and functions: The traditional die-casting zinc alloys are No. 2, 3, 5, and No. 7 alloys, and No. 3 zinc alloy is now widely used. In the 1970s, the surface color of high-aluminum-zinc-based alloy ZA-8 aluminum alloy die-casting parts, ZA-12 and ZA-27 were developed.

3. Excellent die-casting characteristics: For example, zinc alloy is a universal, reliable, and cost-effective material, which is easy to be produced by die-casting. Zinc alloy has excellent die-casting functions, so it is easier to die-cast with messy shapes, thin walls, and high standard precision. The product, thin-walled casting function, can fulfill the requirements of lighter product and lower cost.

4. Excellent mechanical function and processing function: hardware parts have high tensile strength, yield strength, impact toughness and hardness, and good elongation. The surface of cnc hardware parts is very smooth, and can be used directly without treatment. Briefly make various surface treatments. Polishing, electroplating, painting, etc., to obtain better surface quality.

5. Efficient production: The hot-chamber die-casting machine is used for high production efficiency. The temperature of the molten metal during die-casting is lower than 420 С. A pair of molds can produce hundreds of thousands of products. The advanced die-casting machine can achieve fully automated production and the cost of product production. bottom.

6. Requirements for die-casting production requirements: manufacturing procedures are only part of the entire value chain, and the importance of product design and production procedure design is advancing day by day, mainly to advance the standardization, mechanization, and automation of production procedures, and strengthen the inspection of production processes. And related post-processing capabilities and surface treatment capabilities.

  From die-casting blanks to die-casting products, to add value to the products, corporate talents can obtain greater benefits.

Choose hardware molds. Die-casting parts have high standard precision, bright surface, clear induction, excellent surface quality, and internal quality with fine arrangement, high strength, and high hardness. Die-casting is suitable for making messy shapes, thin walls, and large batches. Non-ferrous metal castings are a high-efficiency and advanced precision parts forming technology.