The development prospect of rubber injection moulding

Plastic machinery industrial development 赖 赖 Plastic raw material industry, plastic product processing industrial development.
Chinese Plastics Machinery Development 趋 势 趋 势 趋 势 趋 势 趋 势 趋 芿 趋 芿 趋 趋 趓Since then, there is a demand for raw materials for plastics and plastics for processing companies.
Injecting plastic machine area, injection molding technology development, new technology, new equipment layers. Highly electronic, automated, single-computer multi-functionality, multi-purpose equipment, quick and secure installation, convenient general, and 趋 势. All-electric injection plastic machine, oil-powered injection plastic machine, Qi-Wa-Sui-Nu injection-plastic molding technology, multi-layer injection-plastic technology. For engineering plastics, optical discs, magnetic materials, special processes for production, plastics, thin-walled products, injection plastics, and plastics. Large-scale, super-large injection molding machine, which is used in heavy industry such as compounded trains.
Emphasis is placed on the expansion of large-scale Japanese precision extruded equipment. Large-scale extrusion equipment system, three major importer equipment, long-term imports Demand for petrochemical industry development, and progress in domestic production. It can be refined, and it has a high product content, and it is a precision extrusion machine that has a uniform demand for thin films, etc.
Distributing for desks, efforts, equipment, production, and production. Imitation production non-conformity short new product development cycle, modular courier, each individual system, modular programming, global promotion. This is a good advantage for the quality of the equipment, the reduction of the amount of money, and the acceleration of the funds.
In the direction of hollow molding equipment, the degree of automation of equipment, and the qualification of the equipment. Selectable equipment for medium-speed, medium-speed plastic bottles, plastic bottles for medical use, productive blow-molding bottles, a breakthrough.
Yukiyuki, Xin Xin Xin, China Plastic Machinery Industry Expo. Uninterrupted research and development, independent intellectual property technology, talent avoidance
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