Some knowledge about car bumper stop

Many years ago, the front and rear bumper stop of automobiles were mainly made of metal materials. The U-shaped channel steel was punched out of steel plates with a thickness of more than 3 mm, and the surface treatment was chrome-plated. It was riveted or welded with the frame rails, and compared with the body. The large gap seems to be an additional part that looks very unsightly.

With the development of the automobile industry and the large-scale application of engineering plastics in the automobile industry, automobile bumper stop, as an important safety device, have also moved on the road of innovation. At present, the front and rear bumper stop of automobiles must not only maintain the original protection function, but also pursue harmony and unity with the body shape, and pursue their own lightweight. The front and rear bumper stop of a car are made of plastic, and they are called plastic bumper stop.

The outer plate and buffer material are made of plastic, and the cross beam is stamped with a cold-rolled sheet with a thickness of about 1.5 mm to form a U-shaped groove; the outer plate and buffer material are attached to the cross beam, and the cross beam and the frame longitudinal beam can be connected by screws at any time Disassemble it. The plastic used in this plastic bumper stop is generally made of two types of materials, polyester and polypropylene, and made by injection molding. The geometric shape of the bumper stop should not only consider its consistency with the shape of the whole vehicle to ensure its beauty, but also meet the mechanical characteristics and energy absorption characteristics to ensure shock absorption and cushioning during impact.