Problems caused by improper arrangement of cnc custom machining

With the continuous improvement of our science and technology, our various processing technologies are still used in the industry, but if they are not done well, it will cause a series of problems. The same is true for cnc processing. , Then what are the problems caused by the improper arrangement of cnc custom machining?

   1. The cnc processing process is too scattered
   The reason for this problem lies in the fear of complexity, simple programming, simplified operation and processing, easy adjustment of the tool setting with one tool, and accustomed to ordinary processing. As a result, product quality is not easy to guarantee and production efficiency cannot be brought into full play. Therefore, cnc custom machining personnel and operators should be fully familiar with the CNC machining knowledge, try more to master the relevant knowledge, and use the process-intensive method for processing as much as possible. If you use it several times, it will naturally reflect its advantages. After the use of process concentration, the unit processing time increased. We arranged the two equipment face to face, and realized that one person can operate the two equipment. The efficiency has been greatly improved, and the quality has also been well guaranteed.

  2. The cnc processing sequence is unreasonable
   Some cnc processing operators consider some problems in preparation, and often arrange the processing sequence extremely unreasonably. CNC machining is usually processed according to the requirements of the general machining process, such as first coarse and then fine (tool change), first inside and then outside, reasonable selection of cutting parameters, etc., so that quality and efficiency can be improved.
   The above is the problem caused by the improper cnc custom machining arrangement introduced by the editor. I hope it can help you. If you have other aspects you want to know, you can consult us.