Plastic injection molding tool Approval Standard

Purpose: Establish standards for the recognition of molds from three aspects: mold structure, quality of rubber parts and injection molding process requirements, and evaluate and score mold quality accordingly, and hope to continuously improve mold quality; ensure that molds can be put into production normally and produce qualified quality The plastic parts meet the requirements of product design.
(1) The mold should have a structure
①Mold identification: The outside of the mold should be marked with text according to customer requirements. The mold base is marked with the P/N number and the plastic part number according to the customer's designated position. One mold with multiple cavities should be marked with the mold cavity number, and the multiple inserts should be marked with the insert number according to the design requirements.
②The mold should be equipped with a suitable flange ring and a standard code mold hole should be opened.
③The three-plate mold should be installed with buckle locks and lock nails, and the pull hook and nozzle plate should be installed, and the elastic ring should be opened first.
④The bottom plate of the mold should have qualified ejector holes, and the position of the holes should meet the ejector balance requirements.
⑤The ejector plate of the mold should be equipped with a return spring. When closing the mold, the front template should first contact the return pin, otherwise the mold should be equipped with a reset mechanism (the position structure is required separately).
⑥ Row structure.
² The movement of the row position should be smooth, and the contact surface should have an oil groove.
² The row position should be equipped with a spring to make the row position pop up, and a limit device should be installed.
² The height of the Huff block moving in the height direction cannot exceed 2/5 of the length of the guide chute.
⑦ Ejection mechanism.
² The thimble setting should make the plastic part not produce permanent deformation, whitening, and not affect the appearance of the plastic part when it is demoulded.
² The thimble mechanism should be flexible, reliable, and free from erroneous actions.
² When the top surface of the thimble and the cylinder is not flat, the thimble and the cylinder should be positioned.
⑧The trash nails should be evenly arranged on the bottom plate, and the height of the trash nails should be the same.
⑨ For large molds of 4545 or above, a middle support side should be added, and a middle support side should be added when the number of cylinders in a set of molds reaches or exceeds 16.
⑩The runner diameter and length processing should be reasonable, and the process should be shortened as much as possible under the premise of ensuring the forming quality, and the cross-sectional area should be reduced to shorten the filling and cooling time. At the same time, the plastic loss of the pouring system should be the least. The runner should generally be equipped with a cold slug well.
11 The cavity distribution should be reasonable, and should conform to the principle of filling all cavities at the same time. The gate setting should not affect the appearance of the plastic parts, meet the requirements of the plastic parts assembly, and try to minimize the residual amount of the gate under the conditions allowed by beer.
12 Cooling system.
² The surface of the water-carrying flow channel should be such that the temperature difference of each part of the mold surface is within 10 ℃.
² The position of the inlet and outlet of the water transport channel does not affect the installation, and the size of the throat is 13mm.
² The inserts, row positions, etc. on the surface of the cavity should generally be filled with water, and the battery pockets, handle positions, speaker positions and other inserts must be filled with water.
² The mold water flow channel should not leak water, and the entry and exit of the flow channel should be marked with "OUT" and "IN". If there are multiple groups of water transport channels, the group number should also be added.

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