Introduction to the development trend of Car Parts

The annual National Two Sessions have already opened. The 2011 Two Sessions are at the key point of summarizing the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and looking forward to the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Therefore, during the Two Sessions in 2011, the topic of how to make the automobile industry bigger and stronger, and how to change from quantitative change to qualitative change is naturally irrelevant. will be less.

The main theme of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the automobile industry is to be strong, and the core of being strong is to have core technology, core competitiveness, and strengthen independent innovation. In a certain period of time, the independent innovation of the whole vehicle has progressed, and new products can be developed using the existing platforms abroad, but platform development is still a weak point. The independent innovation of auto parts has been neglected, and the independent brand parts industry has long been marginalized. Since there may not be many representatives of auto parts manufacturers in the two sessions, there are not many discussions in this regard in the two sessions over the years.

According to the data of the Ministry of Commerce, foreign capital controls most of the market share of auto parts, the sales revenue of domestic parts only accounts for 20%-25% of the whole industry, and auto parts manufacturers with foreign background account for more than 75% of the whole industry. , Among these foreign suppliers, wholly-owned enterprises account for 55%, and Sino-foreign joint ventures account for 45%. Local Car Parts are mainly used in self-owned brand cars, with a low market share.