Introduction of some die casting molding precautions

Die-casting machine, die-casting alloy and die-casting mold are the three major elements of die-casting production, and none of them are indispensable. The so-called die-casting process is to organically and comprehensively use these three elements, so that it can stably, rhythmically and efficiently produce qualified castings with good appearance, good internal quality, and dimensions that meet the requirements of drawings or agreements, and even high-quality castings.

The melting temperature of the material in die casting molding, the temperature of the mold and the temperature of the melt during injection; finally, the condition of the die-casting product must be trimmed to obtain a perfect part. The selection principles of the working temperature of the die-casting mold are as follows.

The mold temperature of die casting molding is too low, the internal structure of the casting is loose, the air is difficult to discharge, and it is difficult to form; the mold temperature is too high, the internal structure of the casting is dense, but the casting is easy to "weld" and attached to the mold cavity, and it is difficult to remove the casting from the sticking mold. At the same time, excessive temperature will cause the mold body to expand and affect the dimensional accuracy of the casting. The mold temperature should be selected within an appropriate range. Generally, it is better to control the constant temperature after the test is appropriate.