Features of used moulding machine

Vertical cardboard system for cardboard, parallel cardboard, non-demand stop;
Appropriate use for the same time, same box size packaging, change of demand, use of manual adjustment (time required for demand 1-2 minutes);
Rationalization design for this desk, sucking box, molding, sealing bottom leveling automatic processing
Desk performance Precision and durability, vibration-free operation, long life
PLC for this desk + human-computer interface display control, high performance, high speed, high efficiency;
纸 BOX Two-end sealed box 胶 带 Folding angle Length 50-70mm, Allowable 80, 100MM;
Can be used as a simple machine, and can be used for automated packaging and running water line.
⒈ Smelting slag molding machine smelting clay slag machine phase ratio, raw material selectable industrial residue: soot powder ash, soot stone, furnace residue, smelting residue sum each kind of tail persimmon residue main raw material. Energy saving, energy saving, recycling of energy.
⒉ Brick molding desk 3 yard top and bottom pressurization primary molding, immediately after molding, ready-to-use bank, unneeded 1 yard brick board, the latest model in the domestic brick yard.
⒊ Brick molding machine production standard brick book low cost, profit thick. Necessary for each species In the study, 9 minutes of bricks, 2-3 times in the market.
⒋ 砌 块 Molded desk For body casting High precision, high strength and special welding technology Japanese material manufacturing, good resistance, vibration resistance, long life.

⒍ 砌 块 Molding desk, electric, liquid integration technology, equipment, transformational, one-piece circulation process matching, high metamorphic molding yield, high qualitative quality, low product rate.
⒎ Brick molding desks, heavy use, pass-through conversion imitation tools, non-uniform perforated bricks, air-brick bricks, road bricks, road surface bricks, planted bricks, flower bricks, etc.
⒏ Kane Established Production Demand Editing Program Introduction, Actual Operation, Semi-automatic, Full-automatic, etc.
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