Do you know what is die casting molding?

The so-called die casting molding method is that under the action of pressure, the molten material is filled into the metal mold, and after cooling and solidification in the mold, the mold is released.

Die casting molding is a relatively extensive production process for producing castings. Its basic principle is to use the characteristics of materials to be melted by heat and solidified by cooling, and uniformly mix all raw materials to form a flowable slurry, which is injected into the metal mold under a certain pressure. Forming, cooling and demoulding and taking out the formed blank after the molten slurry is solidified. The green body is properly trimmed, buried in the adsorbent and heated to be processed into the final product.

The products formed by this method are more accurate in size, high in smoothness and compact in structure, and are now widely used in the manufacture of industrial products. There are also production lines for hot pressure injection abroad, and die casting molding is becoming one of the new methods developed for the production of parts.