Do you know what die casting molding is?

Die-casting is also known as hot-pressure injection molding. The so-called hot-pressure injection molding method is to fill the molten wax-containing slurry (wax slurry) into the metal mold under pressure, and after cooling and solidification in the mold, it is demolded. .

The hot press injection machine used in the die casting molding process is a compressed air hot press injection machine that pressurizes the wax slurry with compressed air. It is to use a constant temperature and airtight slurry barrel and compressed air to send the wax slurry into the injection mold. Before molding, put the melted and pressure-injected wax slurry into the slurry barrel, and heat it with electricity to make the wax slurry reach the required temperature.

The products formed by this method are more accurate in size, high in smoothness and compact in structure, and are now widely used in the manufacture of industrial products. Some products are being tested by hot press injection molding, and there are also hot press injection process production lines abroad. Hot press injection molding is becoming one of the new methods for the production and development of industrial products.