Automotive | plastic injection molds

Automotive | The types of plastic injection molds are:Injection mold is also called injection mold. The molding process of this mold is characterized by placing the plastic material in the heating barrel of the injection machine. The plastic is heated and melted, and driven by the screw or plunger of the injection machine, it enters the mold cavity through the pouring system of the nozzle and the mold.
Compression molds are also known as compression molds or compression molds. The molding process of this kind of mold is characterized in that the plastic raw material is directly added into the open mold cavity, and then the mold is closed. After the plastic is in a molten state under the action of heat and pressure, the cavity is filled with a certain pressure.
Transfer mold is also known as injection molding or extrusion mold. The molding process of this mold is characterized by adding plastic raw materials into the preheated feeding chamber, and then applying pressure to the plastic raw materials in the feeding chamber by the pressure column. The plastic is melted under high temperature and high pressure and enters the cavity through the casting system of the mold, and then The chemical cross-linking reaction occurs and gradually solidifies into shape.
Extrusion die is also called extruder head. This mold can continuously produce plastics with the same cross-sectional shape, such as plastic pipes, rods, sheets, etc. The heating and pressurizing device of the extruder is the same as that of the injection machine.